If you are having issues with the Actionstep Office Plug in there are several things you can look at.

If the Plug in is not showing showing in outlook at all

  • Open Outlook 
  • Go to “File” and select “Manage COM add ins”
  • If Actionstep is disabled you need to enable it - Then please go to the section called 'Enabling Plug ins' below


If the plug in is showing but unauthorised


  • Click on “Authorise”
  • It will take you to a web page
  • Enter your AS log in details and grant access
  • Return to Outlook/word – the plug in should be working again

Enabling Plug ins

It could also have just been disabled - sometimes when Outlook takes a while to open it can disable the Actionstep plugin, check the following:

Go to outlook and click File in the top left hand corner, scroll down to manage COM Add-ins


click on Manage COM Add-ins box and inside "enable" the Actiostep Outlook Add-In


You may need to refresh Outlook once you have enabled to see the Actionstep plug-in