Adding a new User to your system, 

go to


CLICK THE GREEN "New System User" BUTTON and the Add new user screen will appear.

  1. Start typing in the Linked Participant box, if your new User is already a contact in your system then click on their name; if not then "create new contact" ***You must record an email address for the contact***
  2. Choose the requried System role which will define the type of access the user will be given.
  3. Tick the box ' Use module access from the system role' - this will then dictate the level of access from the system role
  4. Tick the box "I accept the changes to my subscription" this will now add this person as a User into your system and send them an email with a link to login and setup up password. The system will also display the amount of licence fees that will be charged where applicable.

Can a user be in more than one security role?

Yes, any user can be in more than one security role. This is quite handy for Administrators who also want to be able to log in as themselves but as a different security role. 

Will I be charged twice if I am in more than one security role?

No, the Actionstep licecnes are only charged by each unique email address and not be the number of logins linked to that email address.