The conveyancing app includes a range of particpants that you can add to each matter. 

Some of these are mandatory and others are optional. Various particpants are also requested to be captured as you move through the workflow.

Description of some of the key particpants

Participant Type
This is the contact record who is the 'Buyer' of the property you are transacting
This is the contact record that is selling the buyer, in some states this is referred to as 'Vendor'
This is the contact you are acting for and will receive the bill.
Property Address

So that the Conveyancing app can accuratley populate the range of Precedents, this contact should not be the buyer, seller or client and must be the actual physical address of the property you are transacting. This is so that this merges correctly on to the precedents, templates and forms included in the matter. 

Be sure to fill in the physical address boxes correctly is Street Address, City (Suburb) and Post Code so that they merge correctly on the various documents.

Primary Particpant 

The property address is also coded to be the 'Primary Participant' so it appears in the top right hand corner of the matter.

Historical Reference

Because the Property is now a contact Actionstep will now keep a history of all the matters involved with that property. This can be handy for future reference should you transact that property again in the future. 

There are many more particpants on the conveyancing file but these are gernerally self explanatory.