The Workcloud Applications (WCA) Conveyancing application is connected with Infotrack to allow you to order a range of services from Infotrack.

Key Features

  • Pre-Populates data from Actionstep to Infotrack
  • Returns the Search result as a PDF to a dedicated SEARCHES folder in the matter
    • Note: If there is no SEARCHES folder in the matter, documents will be saved at the top of "Matter Documents" for the matter.
  • Populates a order history in the matter so you can track EVERY update on the search progress made by Infotrack
  • Returns the Infotrack order as a Disbursement to the matter when completed by Infotrack. Also if the RETAILER FEE and the SUPPLIER both attract GST then the disbursement will be returned as a single charges to your bill rather than two separate charges. If the GST for both fees is different you will continue to receive two separate Disbursement charges.

What's the differences between this method and using the existing Actionstep Infotrack Integration

Both Integrations will basically do the same thing, order a search, return the results and add the disbursement. The major benefit of using the WCA integration is the 'PRE-FILL' of your transaction details to Infotrack, landing on the correct page within Infotrack and also consolidating the disbursement charge as single line disbursement, thus making your ordering process quickly and more accurate, not to mention tidier for your clients bill with single line disbursements.

How to order Infotrack searches

Step 1 - Click on Integrations within the conveyancing matter. Then click on the required search button; Property Enquiry, Title Search or Other Searches (note the State will dynamically change based on the state of the Property Address Contact)