The conveyancing application includes a range of 'List Views' to help you manage your conveyancing matters and the parties involved.

Under the Matter Menu

All Conveyancing MattersThis matter view will show all conveyancing matters no matter of the current step or matter status
All ConditionsThis matter will show all active conveyancing matters however the columns shown will be focused on seeing all the conditions dates
All upcoming SettlementsThis view will show all the active conveyancing matters but always each firm to use the FILTER function to just show the settlements that have a date in the next x days ie next 7 days.

This list does not include the filter when installed so your administrator will need to save the default x days filter on this view for you.

Under the Contact menu

On the contacts menu you will find a range of List views that show all the contacts of the relevant type ie List of all agents, or List of Brokers etc.