For all states except Queensland.

As per trust regulations Actionstep reconciliation technology works on ' TRANSACTION ENTRY DATE' and not 'Bank Transaction Date'

As a hypthetical example: If you have a trasnaction on 31st August of the month at the physcial 'bank' but you dont transact it in Actionstep until the 1st September, then this transaction despite being part of your bank colsing balance for August will not display as a transaction in the reconcilation as the entry date is not performed in the reconciliation month. 

To account for this trasaction you will need to do an 'adjustment' to finalise your reconciliation. This 'adjustmnet' can be done by clikcing on the link as highlighted in the below image.

Also take note that if you entered transactions today the transactions will not appear until tomorrow in the reconciliation list.

Please note that Queensland is the only state to reconciled by 'Bank Entry Date' which Actionstep is configured to support a single method based on the Trust region your dataabse is setup for.