For all states except Queensland.

As per trust regulations Actionstep reconciliation technology works on ' TRANSACTION ENTRY DATE' and not 'Bank Transaction Date'

As a hypthetical example: If you have a trasnaction on 31st December at the physcial 'bank' but you dont transact it (Receipt or payment) in Actionstep until the 4th of January, then this transaction despite being part of your bank closing balance for December will not display as a transaction in the reconcilation as the entry date is not performed in the reconciliation month. 

To account for this trasaction you will need to do an 'adjustment' to finalise your reconciliation. This 'adjustment' can be done by clicking on the link as highlighted in the below image.

You simply need to add a new row of adjustments for each of these transactions that are appearing on your bank statement but not showing in the reconcilation lists.

Actionstep will then take into account the adjustments recorded against your closing balance and you should now be able to complete the reconcilaiton as normal.

How to Reconcile the Proceeding Month

When it comes to reconciling the following month, Actionstep will then automatically re-adjust your opening balance to account for the adjustments recorded the previous month (using the example above, it will re-adjust January's opening balance to account for the adjustments recorded in December's reconciliation).  

Before commencing to match the current month's transactions your transactions will now be showing on the reconcilation list as unmatched, you simply match these transactions first which will then bring your opening balance back into line with your bank statement.  You can then commence the current month's transaction as per normal.  

**Note as Actionstep will automatically re-adjust your balances, there is no need to perform any further transactions in the current month.  Users with double account entry knowledge often automatically assume that they need to account for the otherside of the adjusment but there is no 

Please note that Queensland is the only state to reconciled by 'Bank Entry Date' which Actionstep is configured to support a single method based on the Trust region your dataabse is setup for.