When and Item is deleted within NetDocuments, it technically is not deleted, but is marked as 'deleted'  and all access to the document is removed for all persons except the person that has deleted the item.

How to find deleted items in NetDocuments

To find the deleted items in NetDocuments which is where documents go when the user deletes them you simple need to search for them.

Click on the three little dots in the search bar

Then scroll down to 'SHOW MORE OPTIONS' 

then tick the box  'Deleted Items only'

Then click search. This will find all the documents that have been marked as deleted.

To restore a document that has been marked as deleted

On the document or documents you want to undelete, simply highlight the documents, then click on the MORE icon and click on undelete.


You will be prompted a location to restore those documents to ie a matter, however if you just ignore that and click on then the documents will be restored to their original profile values ie the orginal matter.

Further information can be found on the NetDocuments Support site on how to undelete (restore) a document

How to permanently delete the deleted document 

Depending on your system generally Cabinet Administrators can do this. 

Perform the same search for deleted items, select the items to delete, then click on More and click on DELETE

Further information can be found on the Netdocuments support site