If you have changed your matter name and need to update it in NetDocuments you can do this a couple of ways.

The first way will be if you have Actionstep that pushes matters across to NetDocuments, whilst the second way is the for all installations of NetDocuments even if you are integrated with Actionstep. 

If you have Actionstep we recommend method 1, but you can certainly use method 2

Method 1

You must be an Actionstep administrator to do this.

Only use this method if you have not change the CLIENT or the MATTER Number otherwise you will end upu with duplicate matters.

Click on Admin> Integrations> NetDocuments Mappings


Then find the matter you need to change, 

Click on the matter tick box to the left of the matter name to reveal a menu at the top  in dark grey

Click on the box 'unlink Matter'

No go back to your matter and re-link (re-push) the matter across to NetDocuments by hovering over DOCUMENTS then clicking on NetDocuments. And finally clicking on SAVE

Because the matter number and the client number have not changed only the descriptions have changed.

Note you can use this method if you have changed the text part of the client name but not the client ID, menaing you have not replace the client with a brand new client just fixed up a spelling mistake.

Method 2

You have to be a 'Repository Administrator' to perform this function in NetDocuments

Click on you name in the top left hand corner of NetDocuments

Click on ADMIN to go to your Repository Admin page , now click on 'Define Profile Attributes'

Click on Matters, then click on Edit

Search for your matter you want to edit, then double click on the matter to perform you edit. (note changes here do not replicated back to Actionstep only in Netdocuments.)