For orders of InfoTrack orders placed from within the Conveyancing App you can view the order history in a couple of ways

With the matter

Order History is available with in each matter Simply navigate to the Integrations Data Collection within a Conveyancing Matter and click on Order History Button.

Outside the matter

For your accounts team that wants to review all the order placed with Infotrack on a single page, they may want to use this link instead.

On this page you can use the 'reconcile' switch to mark a record as checked with your physical invoice from InfoTrack.


If you can't see any results, you may need to refresh your Connection to Actionstep & Infotrack. 

To do this, click on the following button to access the 'WorkCloud Integrations Page. This page holds all your connections to Infotrack and Actionstep which allows the systems to talk with each other during the ordering process.

If you see the following page, this means that you simply need to login using your Actionstep details to access the integration settings.

Once you are logged in, simply follow the instructions identified numerically as shown below  and follow the prompts

Once you have connected your Actionstep Organisation, you can also connect your Infotrack account should you want order searches via Infotrack.

The screen shot below shows an example of the ability to connect to mulitple actionstep systems if require that feature.