Have you deleted a document and you need to restore the document in NetDocuments?

A backup is done once every 24 hours and usually overnight. Each document will have up to 30 indivudal backups points to be available which represents one day of edits.

So assume the following two secnarios

A document is edidted every day  then there may be up to 30 days of available backups to restore to.

A document is edited once a month then there may be up to 30 months of available backups to restore to

Note that you can not roll back deleted documents, but deleted documents can be undeleted by searching for them in the Advance search page.

Who can roll back a document?

Cabinet Administrator only 

Where can the cabinet administrator do this?

from this section on the cabinet admin page


More detail can be found on the NetDocuments user guide - https://support.netdocuments.com/hc/en-us/articles/205220420-Rollback-Restore-a-Document 

More detail on deleting documents can be found here  http://www.workcloud.support/solution/articles/6000215461-deleting-a-document-in-netdocuments