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Reference page for the levels of security and what they do ie V, E, S, A - 

Setting up Security

  1. Create External Group  - suggest to call it EXT - xxxxxxxx     (where xxxxxx is the name of the external party)
  2. Create External Users - dont send welcome email just yet - but do add them to the EXT External Group you created
  3. From The Cabinet Administration Page go and add the EXTERNAL GROUP to the Cabinet (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT 'NO DEFAULT ACCESS' as the access rights - VERY IMPORTANT NO ACCESS IS GIVEN AT THIS POINT - what this means is that the group HAS NO access to any content but is available to be added to the content, if you chose any other option you have just given full access to every item in the ND System)

Now that the user is setup in a group and the group has been added to the Cabinet you have a couple of choices.

  1. Users can apply the security to items themselves from within the ND Web interface; or
  2. We can apply permissions for them

For Option 2 only 

Ask the client what type of security access they need - There is a Canned form to send to client on these points to share and collect the correct answers.

Step 1

What Type of Content is accessible

All items on the matter or Just some items ie just court documents or just emails etc?

Are the items saved in a separate folder to isolate them from the rest of the matter?

Historical Content only or all Content added in the future?

All items existing in the matter today AND NOT items added in the future

All items existing in the matter today AND ALSO items added in the future

Access Level

Do you want the external user to edit them or just view and download them?

Step 2

Depending on their responses will depend on how you add the EXT Group to the items to provide access

If the answers are 

Apply Security Options

  1. Everything for that MATTER  now and future - then we need to use profile based security
  2. Everything for just MATTER now only or search result for specific content only - then we apply the security manually via the web interface on the required items
  3. Just certain TYPES OF DATA for now and fututure  - ie Email only  - then  we apply the security manually via the web interface on the required FILTER

Profile Based Security - Apply Security Option 1

This is where we modify the ACCESS field in the profile attribute (note if this is missing you will need to enable the tick box 'enable security on this attribute on the attribute it self by editing the attribute ie MATTER or CLIENT or DOC TYPE)

Apply the security string of the required rights


the above will give VIEW rights to the group name called 'EXT-GROUP NAME'


the above will give VIEW, EDIT, SHARE, ADMINISTRATE  rights to the group name called 'EXT-GROUP NAME'

If there are 2 groups then you separate them with a *  ie EXT-GROUP NAME|V*EXT-GROUP NAME2|V    (ie giving View rights to both groups at once)

Please note that these rights ARE ADDITIONAL to any additional rights existing on the doucments for internal users.

Everything for that MATTER for just now Content or just a range of content - Apply Security Option 2

The simplist way is to perform a SEARCH for the content you want to add the external user onto. Then click on SEARCH RESULTS and MODIFY ACCESS

You can modify up to 10,000 items in the search results this method

Select the change Mode and make the security chage as required.

Apply security to a specific Filter only Option 3 - Filter only

Select the filter and click modify access  - this will give acecess to the external user for this FILTER for existing and new items.


When you send the welcome email to the user, they will setup their password.

The user will then go to 

When the user logs in 

  • if they dont have access to anything they will be taken to the home page of ND
  • if they have access to only one Workspace they will be taken to that workspace
  • If they have access to more than one workspace those workspaces will be automatically be favorited and added to their home page by the system.

Suggested Email Client on completion of the ticket

All Emails for matter xxxx  between date range of xxxxxxxx   and  xxxxxxxxxx have been granted to FirstName Last Name  (email address ) as requested.

The user has been sent an email to set up their password for NetDocuments.

The user has been given View (V) Rights only. Which allows view and download rights. 

You will see a new icon of two people in blue next to the content that has been shared externally.

Please advise the External user how to use NetDocuments web interface.

Also may pay to share this link with them to allow them to view the content in the browser without downloading them  -