If clients have been enabled with Single Sign on (SSO) for Netdocuments, then they will need to access Netdocuments from a different link to use SSO.

Https://au.netdocuments.com  - the standard link only allows username and password functionality

Each SSO client will have a unique link which you can find by following these instructions

Click on ADMIN

Then click on 

THis opens this page and click on the 'Configure authentication options' text as highlighted in yellow.

You will see the following page - please scroll to the bottom and copy the unique link for your Single Sign on

We recommend you bookmark this new link and replace the bookmarks users may have that point to the standard username/password address (https://au.netdocuments.com)

Please click on the following KNOWN ISSUE with Actionstep and NetDocuments when you use Single Sign On  https://www.workcloud.support/solution/articles/6000214038-netdocuments-not-displaying-within-actionstep