**** NOTE that this advice is purely a "How To" for the recording of transactions in Actionstep and is by no means Trust Accounting Advice.    If you have any concerns, we strongly recommend that you contact your Law Society for further clarification of their requirements.  If you then feel that Actionstep is in breach of any trust regulations that you contact Actionstep direct at support@actionstep.com.

Actionstep does not provide the ability to reconcile a controlled monies account.  Reconciliation functionality in Actionstep is only available for GENERAL and INVESTMENT trust accounts.  This is because under Uniform Law it does not require controlled monies to be reconciled. 

There are some Auditors that will raise this in their reports, however, despite the Auditor's viewpoint, there is no 'CLEAR' and 'DETAILED' evidence under Uniform Law that controlled monies must be reconciled like the general or investment trust account.   Therefore, Actionstep does not provide this feature. 

It only suggests "A statement outlining the controlled money balanced held by the practice must be created by 15 working days from the end of the month".   You are able to generate that statement by clicking on TRUST > TRUST ACCOUNT BALANCES and then using the filter to show only Controlled Monies, Then you can print or export this statement.

Please note that Actionstep holds a valid compliance certificate for Uniform law which you can view here.