Q:    After we have processed the invoice for a fixed fee matter the amount continues to appear in the ‘mass billing’ section of Actionstep unless the matter is then turned to ‘hourly’ billing.   This means that when we do monthly billing spreadsheets the fixed fee amount still appears as if it hasn’t yet been billed even though it has. 

A:     This is a common question.   The reason for this is that the billing setting defaults to ‘Every Billing Cycle’ which means that once its been billed the amount is then technically available to be billed again via the mass billing screen.  Sadly, there is no option for a ‘single fixed fee’.



What you can do to continue your processes as they are is to change the Bill frequency from ‘Every Billing Cycle’ to ‘Custom Schedule’. Then create a single row as shown below and set a date for this fixed fee to be raised to the Mass Billing Screen. 

The date can be any date that you want the fixed fee to be visible in the mass billing screen and will not show until that date has been past. We often see clients choosing either the matter open date or any other date in the future when they want to see the fixed fee on the mass billing screen.


Then once the fixed fee is billed the amounts are removed from the Mass Billing Screen and will not return.



Alternatively, rather than by date you could choose to raise the bill on a particular step via the bill on step drop down.