Q:    Which support services are provided for free by WorkCloud and what will come out of my additional package hours?


A:    Package hours will be consumed when the work requested of us is considered ‘Professional Services.


Professional services are summarised as


  • Training,
  • Configuration or manipulation of Actionstep on your behalf
  • Logging into your system to provide advice
  • General Advisory services ie providing guidance on how to achieve an outcome

This is true even if the request is sent to  support@workcloud.com.au but is deemed to be requiring professional services to complete or close the request/ticket.


Our team will, where possible, provide limited free directional advice to allow you to self-administrate to achieve your required outcomes. This will be supplemented by our responses including reference to the user guide articles or any other published self help material either on our support site or on the support site of Actionstep.