Locked Account

If you enter an incorrect password 10 times or more, your account will be locked for about 15 minutes. If this happens, wait more than 15 minutes, and restart your web browser to log in again. You do NOT need to reset your password. 

To unlock the account before the 15 minute period is over, please contact NetDocuments Support. 

An email message will be sent to the user when their account is temporarily locked due to reaching the maximum number of login attempts. In addition to being notified on the login page when this occurs, the user will also be sent an email with the following text:

“Your NetDocuments account has been locked because we detected unauthorized attempts to log in to this account from [User Agent Header] at the IP address x.x.x.x.  Please contact your NetDocuments Administrator to assist with your account.” 

If you continue to have issues we recommend you contact NetDocuments Support on 02 83104319