Actionstep currently has two reports that provide Fee Allocation visibility in Actionstep.

  1. Fee Recovery Report
  2. Fee Allocation Report

Fee Allocation Report

This report is based on the Date of Payment /Collected Date. and provides the ability to view the Allocation per the Fee Allocation process. 

This report is the best report to answer the question "What did we bill last month" when that "Last month" refers to the date of the collected.. 

The Fee allocation is set per invoice on the Fee Allocation Tab.

The Fee Allocation Tab will automatically populate the fee allocation based on the rules set globally in the Admin billing section and also set per matter.

Settings that impact the Fee Allocation

The following settings are set at globally 

  • Bill Behaviour - see more information about  Billing behaviours options for Actionstep
  • Changes made on the fee allocation per invoice
  • Changes made on the matter such as Fee originator - where you can set a percentage that is allocated to a single person even if they did not do any time entries on that bill

Fee Recovery Report

Is based on Invoice Date and provides the ability to drill down by time recorder or Matter into the data.

This report is the best report to answer the question "What did we bill last month" when that "Last month" refers to the date of the invoice. 

Please note the following explanation about the columns.

Any value in green is indicating that the person does not have a 'default' rate sheet applied on their login so an average is being used.

  • Actual Hours – the actual hours attributed to tasks picked up in the invoicing (note this is the invoice period not the time entry period) – entered either via time sheet or tasks.
  • Billable Hours – the portion of invoiced hours entered as billable (may vary from the actual time as these are separate fields for entry – it is quite common to have a different value here).
  • Amount Billed – The value invoiced in relation to the task (will pick up value adjustments on the invoice).
  • Expected Recovery – actual hours x participant rate sheet. Note: if the participant has no rate sheet set against their login this figure will be distorted. If the Action has a rate sheet override on this rate sheet it will pick that up in the expected recovery.
  • Write Off – Expected recovery less billable hours multiplied by the task rate (so if the time had been invoiced at $0.00 it would show as a write off).
  • Variance – Expected recovery less the amount invoiced. In this case Christopher Webb entered more billable time than his actual hours so his variance is a negative.
  • Recovery % - Invoiced amount / Expected recovery – in this case much more than was expected.
  • Unbilled Hours – billable hours still remaining to be invoiced from the period. This is not an "as at" calculation. If you are running this report at a date past the period and have subsequently invoiced the hours entered in the period, they will not be included.
  • Unbilled Dollars – Unbilled hours multiplied by expected recovery rate.

More detail of this report can be found on Actionstep's user guide - Click here