The simple answer is no you cannot simply change the name of a Document Type.  You must delete the Document Type and then re-create it.  To do this simply follow these steps:

Step 1:    Go to Admin (top right hand corner)

Step 2:    Click on the hamburger menu (top left hand corner) and select Profile Attributes


Step 3:    Select Document Types.

Step 4:    Delete the Document Type

Highlight the Document Type that you want to change and then click 'Delete selected Document Type'. 

This is safe - note you are not deleting any documents from your NetDocuments system. You are simply deleting the document type from being used to profile any future documents within any workspace.   However, any existing documents under the deleted document type will retain the deleted document type until you edit the profile of that document then, NetDocuments will demand you change the document type to one that does exist. 

Step 5:     Add Your New Document Type

Click on Add Document Type.


This screen will appear.  Add your Document Type Key.  A Document Type Key is an abbreviation of the Description of the Document.  Then complete the Description.  The Description is the name of the filter that will appear in the Workspace when the document is saved.

 If you're only adding one Document Type, simply click Add.  If you're adding multiple Document Types, click Add Another.


 Step 5:    Reprofiling Documents under the Old Document Type to the New Document Type

If you want to re-profile all existing documents from the deleted document type (Step 1) to the new document type created in Step 4, this can be done on bulk.

Go to Advanced Search and search for all existing documents still profiled under the deleted Document Type.

 Highlight the entire list by ticking the box under the number of items.

Then from the More tab select Edit Profile.

The following screen will appear.  Here, simply select the correct Document Document Type from the drop down and click on Ok.  Do not enter any information in the Client or Matter Fields. Entering information in these fields will move all selected documents into the specified Client/Matter and will file the documents under the selected Document Type.

Once this step is complete you'll receive confirmation that all documents have been reprofiled.

Also note that this profiling process will handle up to 10,000 items at a time therefore if your search results contain more than that amount, you may need to adjust your search criteria contains 10,000 items or less.