To link NetDocuments to actionstep you must do the following

Within Actionstep go to Admin > Integrations  and install NetDocuments integration. Click the button Connect with NetDocuments.

Once installed you will be prompted to choose your NetDoucment country service ie AU, Vault or EU.

Enter your NetDocuments user account. authentication   - Note this account must be an active user and have Repository Admin rights. 

Generally use the NetDocuments User account we use for ndMail or ndOcr as this is unlikely to be deleted or removed, where as a user with Repository Admin rights can be removed from NetDocuments which terminates the integration should that happen.

 (if you have Federated Identity turned on then you will see the following screen as part of this process)

Actionstep to NetDocuments Integration Settings to choose 

Once connected you will see a page like the following, We will break this page up to explain each part.  

Select NetDocuments Cabinet

Select the NetDocuments Cabinet you want to link Actionstep to.

This cabinet must have 

Actionstep can only link to one Cabinet at a time.

Hide Actionstep Documents


Actionstep supports the storage of documents in a folder based structure. If the client is using NetDocuments then its makes sense to 'hide' the Actionstep document storage structure to the user. This is what this switch does

The items in the red box in the image below will be hidden and not seen if this switch is enabled. The user will be left with NetDocumetns (which shows the NetDocuments WorkSpace related to the matter they are in within Actionstep)

However, if the matter in Actionstep has 1 document created in it ie before NetDocuments was created or by some other Actionstep process, then the system will ignore this switch and automatically show the Actionstep document Storage system 

How Actionste integrates with NetDocuments Switches.

Create new mater in NetDocuments automatically. 

Most clients would want this switch on, this takes from Actionstep the 

  • Primary Participant ID
  • Primary Participant Client Name (first contact only ie Actionstep supports more than one contact in the a matter role)
  • Matter ID
  • Matter Name

Note that the Primary participant for that Matter Type is set in Actionstep, its often set as the CLIENT Role, but may not be for some Action Types (Matter Types) which means that you will need to ensure that all Matter Types are pushing the right role when you enable this option so you don't get the wrong results from the accurate functioning of this setting.

Send Actionstep Matter type to NetDocumetns for Each Matter

This feature takes the textual name of the matter type and saves it to the  'TYPE' column in NetDocuments Profile Attribute of the Matter. 

This then allows NetDocuments administrators to set up unique WorkSpace Templates for each Matter Type in NetDocuments

Send Close Date to NetDocuments for each matter

This needs to be discussed with the client, if you enable this then the date the matter is closed in NetDocuments will be sent across to the CLOSE Date on the matter in the Profile Attribute column of CLOSE

To learn more about how NetDocuments operates when a matter is marked as closed, please read the following section of the NetDocuments Support site - click here

Matter Mappings

This is used to review the list of matters and clients that have been linked to NetDocuments from Actionstep. This is generally used if there are trouble shooting needs ie remove the link for a particular matter and re-push the matter and client combination across to NetDocuments.

Generating Documents

If you enable this then Actionstep will pull in the Document Types from NetDocuments and display this to the user as they are saving the document they generate from Actionstep. ie Precedent template.

Note that the document types is a static list, if you make changes in NetDocuments and you want those document types will not automatically be added to the list Actionstep uses. 

The only way to refresh Actionstep is to disable the integration and re-enable it currently.


Generated documents default save location

This tells Actionstep to save the document directly to the required system ie Actoinstep or NetDocuments if selected. Obviously, choose NetDocuments if you are integrating. 

The document the user generates in Actionstep will be saved with the correct client/matter profile attribute from the matter they are generating the document from and will be profiled with the document type they select from the generation process within Actionstep. 

The document will then be opened in the native application to the user to begin editing, ie Word.

Disconnecting from NetDocuments

This can be safley done at any time, it does not cause any harm except users will not be able to access NetDocuments from Actionstep, nor will any matters be pushed to NetDocuments as you would expect.

However sometimes you need to reset or refresh things, like in the case of updating Document Types. You can simply click diconnected and recommence the integration process again quite safely. 

Now you will be able to see the NetDocuments web product within your matter within Actionstep