If you are not using Office 365 then you can connect to your Email Server from within Actionstep to allow you to send emails from your Email address. This requires additional IT information from your Email Administrator.

This method is called 'SMTP' and is for 'Outbound' email only.

You will require the following information from your IT provider or your Email Administrator who hosts & manages your Email Server.

  1. Host Name  (Public facing DNS name or IP Address of the Email ServeR)
  2. Authentication Method (Basic, SSL or TLS)
  3. TCP Port (usually 25, 465 or 587)
  4. Confirm your username is your email address
  5. Confirm your password is the password you use to log into your Email Account

Once you have this information you can not setup your personal mailbox in Actionstep to allow you to send emails as your email address from your Actionstep system.

1 - Click on your name above/near the search box in Actionstep

2 - From with the following page click on 'Add SMTP Mailbox'

3 - From within this screen complete the details provided to you from your Email Administrator

4 - Congratulations, Now you can send emails from your Email address from Actionstep

Frequently asked questions

Will email I send from Actionstep using SMTP be saved to my sent items in my Email server /Outlook

No, sorry that is not feature of this connection, you must be using Office 365 to enjoy that feature. Emails sent will be in the sent items section of your matter or your account within Actionstep.

Will Email responses come back to Actionstep and automatically file on the matter?

Sorry No, email responses to any email you send from your email account will be returned to your email account. Once you receive the email in outlook  you wil lbe able to file the email on the matter by using the Outlook Plug ins from Actionstep.