If Adobe is installed after ndOffice, you may not be able to open or save documents to NetDocuments.  This is because the link between your newly installed Adobe hasn't been established with ndOffice.  Follow the steps below to enable the link.

Step 1: Switch Off Protected Mode in Adobe

In Adobe go to Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) and switch off Protected View.  Then restart your computer.

Step 2: Changing Your Adobe Settings

Go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features and highlight ndOffice and click Change.  The screen below will appear.  If there are crosses next to Adobe, this means that it is disabled.  To enable, click the down arrow next to Adobe and select 'Entire Feature to be installed on local hard drive'. Then click Change.

Once the integration is installed, you'll be able to open and file in NetDocuments using the Open or Save As icon.  Just note that when saving, you'll need to click on Save As then Choose a Different Folder for the NetDocuments Dialogue box to appear.