This can only be performed by a Cabinet Administrator.

1.    Go to Admin and click on the cabinet that contains the workspaces the external user will need access to.

2.    Under Cabinet Security click on ‘Create External Group’.

3.    The Create Cabinet Group dialogue box will appear.  Give the Group a Name.  Make the name something relevant such         as the company the individual comes from.

4.    From the External Users box, select users to be added to the group by either double clicking on the name of the user or         single clicking the name and clicking Add. If the user does not exist in the list, click Add User beneath the External Users         box, and add the new user.

5.    Once the members are added, you can click on Send welcome email by ticking the box on this pop-up.  If you do not           wish to send a welcome email, you can revert to this step at a later stage.

6.     Click Ok.


You will see when you look at the Cabinet Security section of the Cabinet, the external group has been added.  Under Default Access there is a *.  This means that the user has no default access to anything within the Cabinet until such access is provided.



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